Steeledge India


SteelEdge heavy duty & High-Speed Hoists are best suited for rugged performance. Wire Rope Drum is fixed during a welded one-piece drum housing which is machined in one setting to make sure smooth running of rope drum. Welded drum housing also nullifies skewing effect Drum housing plates aren’t aligned with one another. As both the plates are fixed with long distance bolts in other sorts of Hoist, Drum housing plates as fixed with long distance bolts aren’t aligned with one another perfectly. this is often not the case with SteelEdge Brand Wire Rope Hoists.

SteelEdge Hoists are designed in accordance with IS 3938-1983 modular construction for simple maintenance as brake Motor Gear box instrument panel are easily accessible reducing down time for maintenance.

Alloy Steel spur & Helical gears running on antifriction Ball Bearings reduces noise & increase lifetime of gear box. Motor as per IS 325 with fail safe brake is employed to make sure full safety at any load position even in power outage. Wire Rope confirming to IS 2266, Forged hooks as per IS: 8610 & push stations operate at 24 Volts only.

SteelEdge hoist can also be built with micro speed arrangement (10% of normal Hoisting speed) Higher Speeds, & Life at an additional cost.

  • Electric Wire Rope Hoist

    • Designed & Constructed, to offer higher lifetime of the equipment.
    • Rope Drum is fitted within the Drum Housing constructed inline with the Side Plates supporting the Rope Drum. This, rather than Long distance bolts gives better strength & lesser skewing effect to the drum. Standard Series Hoists are designed with Long Distance Bolts.
    • Modular Construction: Easily accessible, designed with – separate independent units –  Gearbox (Intermediate), Mechanism Side (Center of Hoist), Motor Side (Driving Part), & Control Unit. Giving Easy and fast maintenance to the user.
    • furnished with options of fix suspension (no travel – only hoisting), pull-push or geared (manual travel) or electrically operated traveling of the load.
    • Driven by Conical Rotor Motor – Z Start Motor (Make: Any Reputed Maker) for Lower Capacity Hoist. For Other models, cage Induction Motor fitted with Electromagnetic Brake are used.
    • Manufactured as per IS: 3938 (Indian Standard) for sophistication II & Class IV (medium duty & heavy duty) application.
    • Tested at 25 hemochromatosis.
    • Hooks: As per IS: 15560 – 2005, Fitted with on Thrust Bearings.
    • Rope Drum: made up of Seamless pipe & grooves are at approx. 75% depth of height of the wire rope dia. to possess proper sitting within the drum.
    • Rope Guide: Providing proper guide along the axis of Rope slides & is straightforward to dismantle from rope drum while maintenance.
    • Gears: steel Material, precise machined, gear hobbed & case hardened – duly annealed. Spur / Helical combination to supply strength & smooth operation.
    • Gearbox  shall be lubricated with a semi-liquid grease / oil as per the requirement.
    • Motor: Conical Rotor Motor – operating on 415 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hz AC Supply with In-built braking mechanism (Lower Capacity) & Hoist Duty, cage Induction Motor with high starting torque – operating on 380 415 Volts, 3 Phase, 50 Hz AC Supply with Electromagnetic Brake. Continuously working capacity, Suitable for frequent reversing & braking.
    • Braking Mechanism: Disc type, DC / A.C. Electromagnetic Brake.
    • instrument panel Unit: Totally enclosed to guard from Weather / Dust, giving output at 24 Volts to the Operational Control Station (Push Button Station).
    • Operational Control Station: Suspended from Hoist with a Cable & supporting Wire rope – with two push s extendable to four / six push button station. Operated with 24 Volts.
    • Overload Relay: Provided for cover to Motor.
    • Limit Switches: Provided to regulate movement of Hook in Hoisting motion at decided levels activated by Rope Guide for Upper limit, Lower limit & Over lowering.
    • Special Hoists with Creep Speed arrangement, Special instrument panel Station, higher lift, Short Head room can also be supplied at an additional cost.