Semi Electric Hand Stacker

Steeledge India



SteelEdge Semi Electric Stackers are extremely versatile manually operated stackers. SteelEdge‘s range of stackers is designed to enhance productivity, ensure safety and optimized return. Our comprehensive portfolio has something for every application. Accounting for difference space limit, load size, floor condition, operation time and other needs, SteelEdge‘s command over innovation, engineering and design is fortified by its commitment to quality and dedicated service. In line with its legacy of innovation, SteelEdge stackers excel though advanced electronic control, ergonomics and maneuverability. Ensuring enhanced work-flow and boosted productivity. SteelEdge Stackers are a value addition now as well as in the long run.



    The mast is made of quality steel and bent in C-profiles, together with the narrow cross-members that give a light and very stable construction. The inner and outer masts are furnished with side thrust rollers preventing lateral play.

    Carriage and Forks:

    The carriage has an open center section and low profile forks with inner reinforcements.
    The outside fork spread is a standard 560mm, but 480mm can also be supplied
    The standard fork length is 1150mm but 850mm can be supplied

    Hydraulic System:

    The battery operated lift pump is mounted on noise suppressing rubber blocks.The forks are lifted and lowered by means of an easily adjustable valve with built-in excess-pressure function preventing overload. All hydraulic hoses and fittings meet the SAE standard. The lowering speed of the forks is controlled by a lowering brake valve.