Electric Pallet Truck

LPT 20/22 AC – These trucks are used for internal movement of material. They are ideal for prime intensity movement for long distances with compact design and little turning radius. They are ideal for maneuvering in narrow aisles.

The LPT 20/22 AC are five wheeled pallet truck with a spring-loaded center-positioned drive unit. The tiller arm steering designed for straightforward control & comfort offers the operator an outstanding steering control at the least speeds. All controls are conveniently positioned on the steering handle for straightforward access by fingertip control by the operator. the top of the control head terminates with the push contact for emergency reverse brake switch. The tiller arm and obstacles behind, as an example a rack. When the contact is pressed, the motor reverses direction and therefore the vehicle will move far away from the operator.

The 1.2Kw series-wound drive motor is operated by a Mosfet Electronic speed controller. This ensures smooth control of variations in speed and acceleration in the least speed levels.

The drive unit, Hydraulics, and Electronics are modular in design and may be easily accessed for service and maintenance.

The Battery isn’t lifted alongside the forks, this feature saves around 20% of battery energy.