LX Series

SteelEdge’s high performance LX Series Electric Chain Hoist Series are unique for the primary place in the industry when it involves safety, longevity and maintenance. The LX Series is characterized, especially, by its high product spectrum, offering the customer an array of choices.

Load capacities from 500 kg up to 35 t cover a good range of applications. Its versatility, from the hook version to the plain trolley up to 5 t and therefore the use of a geared or electric trolley up to 35 t, make this model as a universal hoist. this is often further underlined by the special twin hook version and therefore the variant with an extra-short headroom height. due to its easy handling, the LX Series is used in almost all sectors, including the paper industry, in shipyards, foundries, and on major construction sites.

In its development of the LX Series, SteelEdge has focused on functionality. it means that, without any superficial gimmicks, the robust and solidly constructed hoist, with pioneering inverter technology or with 24-V contactor control, is in a position to perform its tasks with ease. the production depth offers an extra advantage to customers because it guarantees them a high degree of security. Well over 70 % of all the parts we use come from our own production.