Hydraulic Hand Pallet Truck

Steeledge India



STEELEDGE hand pallet truck is the ideal “warehouse assistant” for all manual transporting over short distances.This is where its advantages come into play:

Easy to operate control – equally comfortable for both – left and right-handed operators.

Fast lift (up to 120 kg, optional) to lift pallets clear of the ground in just 3 pump strokes.

Short chassis length offers maximum manoeuvrability in restricted conditions.

The chromed wheel and joint bushings allow for easy pulling/pushing. A choice of different roller coatings
ensures optimum use on a variety of floors.

  • RMS offers pivoting steering wheels

    • To ensure constant floor contact and stability
    • To reduce wear and tear on the wheels
    • RMS offers an ergonomically designed steering handle
    • For easy operation from all angles ergonomically.
    • To reduce pulling power and minimize operation fatigue.
    • RMS offers double sealed ball bearing to ensure dust free operation
      Hydraulic system
    • The manually operated lift pump is simple and reliable in operation. The hard chrome polished piston are resistant to rust, scratches and strokes. The pump is double sealed witch secures efficiently against leakages and prolongs the life of the packing
    • The lift cylinders is welded directly on to the pump, and the oil reservoir is welded around the lift cylinder. This imparts efficient tightness and eliminates tube and hose connections.
    • The hand pallet truck is equipped with a neutral position valve as standard. When the drawbar is moved slowly, the neutral position ensures that the load is not lifted (Driving position). When the drawbar is moved a little faster, the load is lifted the usual way (lifting function).
    • The system is simple, needs no adjustment and is reliable in operation.