Steeledge India


LPT 20/22 AC – These trucks are used for internal movement of material. They are ideal for prime intensity movement for long distances with compact design and little turning radius. They are ideal for maneuvering in narrow aisles.

The LPT 20/22 AC are five wheeled pallet truck with a spring-loaded center-positioned drive unit. The tiller arm steering designed for straightforward control & comfort offers the operator an outstanding steering control at the least speeds. All controls are conveniently positioned on the steering handle for straightforward access by fingertip control by the operator. the top of the control head terminates with the push contact for emergency reverse brake switch. The tiller arm and obstacles behind, as an example a rack. When the contact is pressed, the motor reverses direction and therefore the vehicle will move far away from the operator.

The 1.2Kw series-wound drive motor is operated by a Mosfet Electronic speed controller. This ensures smooth control of variations in speed and acceleration in the least speed levels.

The drive unit, Hydraulics, and Electronics are modular in design and may be easily accessed for service and maintenance.

The Battery isn’t lifted alongside the forks, this feature saves around 20% of battery energy.



    5-Point low centre gravity design, and with better carrying capacity as equipped with high-strength steel frame structure.

    With unique floating suspension system stop slipping, which makes the body have greater stability.

    The main components of the truck use imported parts to enhance the reliability of the truck.

    Pull-rod type structure design with deformation resistance and reliability.
    High-strength formed fork.


    With emergency reversing device and hand brake function.

    High-strength arm protection design, to ensure safe operation of operator.

    Curve control technology to make sure large-angle turning stabler and safe.

    Pedal folded automatically reduces travel speed to make sure safety of pedestrian-operation.


    The unique designed handle with accessible buttons reducing operator fatigue.

    Convenient EPS steering function, with low noise, can be operated with just one hand.

    Exceptional manoeuvrability in extremely confined areas ensured by creep speed button.

    The standing-type pedal with vibration reduction is suitable for long distance handing and reduces operator fatigue.

    Easy maintenance:

    The CANBUS system enables fast access to the truck data an greatly reduces the upkeep time.

    Side-pulling battery design, replaced more conveniently.

    LIONMAN HMI system independently researched by STEELEDGE facilitates maintenance.

    High Efficiency:

    The imported high-power AC drive motor provides powerful acceleration strong, to make sure high-efficiency travel.

    A high-capacity battery ensures its excellent lift cycle.

    The low-battery locking function extends the battery life.

    Electromagnetic and regenerative braking system greatly improves efficiency.


    Equipped with LION MAN fleet management system, which features a function of operation of operator authority management, on-line monitoring of the track condition, the discharge of notification information, and generation of comprehensive reporting.

    Equipped with LION MAN human-machine interaction system, which has functions of truck failure analysis, truck status display, etc.