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If you’ve got an important weight to lift, and you don’t feel that a manual chain hoist is capable of doing the work properly, then it’d be time to think about electric chain hoists instead. they need a variety of advantages, including more power and simple use. It can make lifting even massive weights nice and straightforward and is beneficial for mechanics, those working in construction, and lots of other industries.

  • LD Electric Chain Hoist Series

    • The electric chain hoist features a mechanism for winding the chain, also as a hook to which you’ll attach the load that you simply got to lift. Most of the time, the machine is definitely portable and can feature clamps that it’ll use to connect to an overhead structure when in use. It also features an impact panel, which is usually easy enough that you simply can use it with one hand. you’ll raise or lower the item you’re lifting very simply, and you’ll do so slowly so you don’t damage it in the least.
    • Electric hoist is widely utilized in industrialization, mines, agriculture, railway, seaport, warehouse, normal factory, workshop, and so on. The product is in compliance with the national standard. The materials we used are all of excellent quality. It is a piece of perfect equipment to enhance working efficiency and dealing conditions nowadays.

LD Electric Chain Hoist Series

Side magnetic braking device: The magnetic once generator is the latest design which is featured for generating magnetic force. It allows instant brake as the electric power is cut off. Thus, the braking safety while loading is guaranteed.

Limit switch: The limit switch device is installed where the weight is lifted on and off to make the motor to stop automatically so as to prohibit the chains from exceeding for safety.

Chain: The chain shall adopt the imported FEC80 ultra heat-treatable aluminium alloy chain. It can be safely used in poor environments such as rain, sea water and chemicals.

Hook: It is hot forging with perfect strength that is hard to break. The operation safety of the lower hook is ensured by its 360 degrees rotation and safety tongue piece.

Support frame: The loading support frame consists of two steel plates. Which is extremely sturdy.

Transformer: 24V/36V transformer device. This device is used to prohibit unexpected accidents caused by electric leakage and guarantees the safe use while raining.

Electromagnetic contactor: Electromagnetic contactor can be used safely under high frequency.

Inverse phase sequence protecting device: It is the special electrical installation which controls the circuit not to work in case of wiring error in the power supply.

Push button: Waterproof push bush button is applied. It is light and durable.