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ULX electric chain hoist low space and high lifting height.

When height becomes a matter – the STEELEDGE ULX electric chain hoist for low ceiling heights.

The ULX (Ultra Low Headroom Hoist with Electric Trolley) is required wherever there’s little space for the electrical chain hoist and each centimeter of height is vital. additionally, to use in buildings with a coffee ceiling height, it’s also suitable where large lifting heights are required.

The special chain guide enables large lifting heights, whereby the electrical chain hoist takes up little space. due to this, the load is often moved on to the carrier. With the trend-setting frequency converter technology or 24 V contactor control, the ULX Series Chain Hoist can easily fulfils its tasks.

The basic unit is the LXT electric chain hoist, which is characterized by its high bandwidth. Because capacities from 1 tonne to 5t cover a good range of applications.

The LXT has employed in most industries thanks to its easy handling. thanks to this sort of variant, the merchandise is often individually adapted to the transport or manufacturing process. This also applies to use on profile, crane, or load carriers when the electrical chain hoist is to require up little space.

Another advantage for the customer is that the high level of vertical combination, which offers the customer a high level of security. Because overflow 70% of all installed parts come from our own production. a crucial part of the vertical range of manufacture is that the load chain, which differs significantly from the competition. Because STEELEDGE is one among the few manufacturers worldwide that nickel-plated its load chain. The advantage is that this method doesn’t cause hydrogen embrittlement because the nickel surface is permeable to hydrogen molecules. thanks to its special properties, nickel is especially compatible as a surface treatment for several applications.

  • ULX Electric Chain Hoist Series

    • Low overall height.
    • Product guarantee: 2 years product guarantee and 3 years guarantee on the braking system. A prerequisite for the guarantee is that the operating conditions, the inspection and maintenance intervals as laid out in the operating manual are observe.
    • Increased safety and cargo precision through frequency converter technology or 24 V contactor control.
    • Quiet, quiet operation.
    • The acceleration and deceleration times of the undercarriage are adjustable.
    • Extremely easy to Handle.

ULX Electric Chain Hoist Series

  • Load capacity 1 tonne to 5 tonnes.
  • Standard lifting height 6 m.
  • Frequency converter for two lifting speeds achieves precise placement of the load and far smoother running.
  • Ergonomic cylinder handle control with a potentiometer to regulate the speed.
  • Maximum travel speed of up to 20 m / min.
  • Impact-resistant die-cast aluminium housing for better cooling of the frequency converter from external influences.
  • Quick-release system of the detachable load hook.
  • 415 V / 50 Hz / 3P.
  • Electromagnetic brake: improved performance and safety.
  • Limit switch for both stroke directions.
  • Gearbox: helical gears reduce operating noise.
  • The ergonomic and user-friendly control switch (protection class IP 65).
  • Gearbox: helical gears reduce operating noise.
  • Chain container made from plastic.
  • Thermal motor protection.
  • Upper hook attachment: Hook or suspension are often attached or removed with little effort (except for housing F).
  • Increased hardening of the nickel-plated load chain (quality class DAT standard DIN EN 818-7) with high breaking strength (800 N / mm2) guarantees maximum resistance.

ULX Electric Chain Hoist Series

  • Special voltages possible on request.
  • Special lifting height on request: the load chain, control cable and power supply cable can be freely specified in length.
  • Lifting speeds: One or two lifting speeds.
  • Radio remote control.
  • Stepless control switch.
  • Chain container made of steel.