Aerial Work Platform Truck

Steeledge India



Application: for single passenger

Max Height of Platform: 6m、8m、9m、10m.

Power Supply: Single phase AC(AC220V)

For option:

Battery DC direct supply type(single DC).

Battery DC inverter(AC/DC).

Move Made: Manual(default); Electric moving device is optional.

  • STEELEDGE  Aerial Working Platform.

    1. Small footprint, less weight, easily moved, able to access to limited passageway.
    2. Mast part of the 6005 grade high-strength aviation aluminum alloy profiles, with a light weight, high strength, corrosion-resistant features.
    3. Between the profiles of independent research and development of zero gap built-in slide device, mast lift operation more stable, smaller shaking after increased.
    4. Control box has a key lock, without permission cannot use the equipment.
    5. Control panel with lift up and down button with emergency stop button.
    6. Plug-in outrigger with locating pin.
    7. External emergency lowing unit, when lose power unexpectedly, the platform can safely fall down.
    8. Double industrial plate chain drive, sprocket with bearings, is more anti-wear when lifting, and can reduce the resistance, finally to extend the service life.
    9. The use of integrated hydraulic pump unit, hydraulic system set overflow valve, if overloads, it will not rise.
    10. Exclusive triple anti-damping protection: limit switch and hydraulic cylinder built-in mechanical limit, safety three insurance.
    11. External hydraulic station convenient for maintenance.
    12. Equipped with seamless wear-resistant polyurethane casters, suitable for most ground use.

Standard Equipment

  • Plug-in outriggers with interlock
  • Emergency stop button
  • Emergency lowering system
  • Two controller operation
  • Level indicator
  • Forklift pockets
  • Cylinder holding valve


  • Tilt back frame
  • Easy loading in pickup trucks
  • Leveling sensor
  • Transport tie hole
  • Deadman Switch
  • All motion alarm
  • Flashing Beacon
  • Overload sensor with alarm
  • AC power socket on platform