SE01 Series

Hand pallet trucks.

Our hand pallet trucks represent an economical solution for several transport tasks involving short distances. we have the proper model for all requirements. Their high capacity of up to 5 tons and straightforward manoeuvrability in tight spaces make hand pallet trucks the right warehouse aid.

If you transport large quantities of products and heavy loads across short distances on a day to day, you’ll soon reap the advantages of using our manual hand pallet trucks. because of their high capacity of up to 5 tons and excellent manoeuvrability in even the tightest of spaces, hand pallet trucks represent ideal warehouse aids. Chrome-plated axles and sliding bushings on the wheels and joints ensure smooth and effortless pulling and pushing with minimum noise.

The best-selling hand pallet truck in its class

The SEI 01 is that the classic in our range of hand pallet trucks, and therefore the best-selling model in its class. the explanations for this are simple: it’s extremely light and straightforward to work. The Teflon bushings and joints ensure quiet operation and extended service life. the improved mechanism reduces the required pumping force. A special lowering valve manages a gentle lowering of the load with the utmost precision. because of its greatly reduced front length, this hand pallet truck is often easily maneuverer within the tightest of spaces.

For special requirements, we also provide appropriate variations of this classic. An example of this is often the LP 01 Series, ideal for very flat pallets because of its low height. The AM30, on the opposite hand, can easily handle heavy loads because of its 3000 kg capacity. also as having the ability to handle standard pallets, the AM V05 is often adjusted to move small special pallets and display pallets. The SE 01 hand pallet truck is additionally available in the low-noise form.

Hand pallet trucks with precision weighing technology

In many cases, goods got to be weighed also as being transported in warehouses, production, and dispatch. For such applications, you’ll take the scales to the products because of our hand stackers with mobile weighing systems. The trucks make light work of heavy loads, while the scales impress with their outstanding precision. The weighing cells are positioned at the four endpoints of the forks, thereby ensuring accurate weighing operations at inclines of up to 2 degrees.