M4 Series

SteelEdge M4 Series manual chain blocks are built with premium-grade components for long life within the toughest industrial and contracting applications. M4 Series manual chain blocks are compact and light-weight, yet extremely durable, with industry-leading quality.

SteelEdge M4 Series manual chain blocks have a shock-resistant gear casing, double ratchet spring, precision gears and double casing to guard against dust and water, secure and reliable mechanical brake, S.G. Iron made load chain guide and a Grade 100 Alloy Steel load chain with long service life. The load chain includes a break strength of 1,000 N/mm2 and corresponds to class V in keeping with DIN EN 818-7.

With this high-performance chain hoist series, SteelEdge has extended its product range by offering to its customers a better degree of functionality, safety and customer utility.